The team at TenPlus Australia applaud your decision. When combined with property investment education and applied correctly, Australian property is still the safest and most secure way to increase your wealth.

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Where should you be investing?

When is the best time to invest?

How can you maximise return on your investments?

What are the tax benefits?

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The right property can see your investment

quickly return strong growth.

The wrong property can drain you of cash

and see you become a slave to the banks.

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TenPlus Australia – Property Investment Group

Your personal property investment advisor will help educate you on the difference between an asset and a liability.


  • The hard work, research and negotiating has all been done.
  • Contact us and quickly become a member.
  • To help guide you, a personal property portfolio manager will be allocated.
  • Receive your TenPlus Property Portal Login
  • Choose the acquisition of your choice and receive a full property investment analysis.
  • The TenPlus team will handle everything from finance to finding you the right tenant!


Whilst the TenPlus team applaud you for choosing to invest in property, we also urge you to go a little further and let us help expand your thinking and property education.

  • What are the macro and micro elements that drive the Australian property market?
  • What are the Five major filters that promote equity and growth?
  • Why diversify your portfolio and what are the benefits?
  • How do the wealthy use very little of their own cash and tap into equity, and use it to grow multimillion dollar portfolios?
  • How can you maximise rental demand and have tenants on a waiting list?

Access the whole TenPlus team – Acquisition analysts, expert finance advice, investment savvy taxation accountants, SMSF specialists, TenPlus asset management, trusts, structuring and asset protection.


TenPlus Australia’s main focus is responsible investing! – Investing is not a guessing game, it’s a very important decision and needs to be treated as such!

  • Your first investment acquisition is the most important as it should set up all future holdings.
  • Your initial investment goal should be to use growth from savvy investment choices not your own cash.
  • Investing correctly, targeting GROWTH can see you own your investment property debt free in a quite a short period of time.

Becoming a TenPlus member will not only see you have access to hundreds of choices and invest wisely, it will see you invest responsibly and become one of the savviest property investors in Australia!

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Responsible Investing
Responsible Investing
Maximise Your Investment
Maximise Your Investment
Leave the research and work to Us!
Leave the research and work to Us!

What People Say About Us

Great appreciations to the TenPlus team, Late March 2011, we began receiving TenPlus Australia’s information emails. I contacted them and really learnt a lot about what responsible investing is. I especially liked the idea of having one of their experienced portfolio managers build and structure an investment property portfolio for us. Being a very busy working couple, we just didn’t have the time to do all the research required to make smart decisions. So we decided to become members. Over the next 2 months, the TenPlus team was extremely helpful and provided us with a wide array of choices and comprehensive financial analysis alongside these investment options. In June we chose our first investment property. From the day we paid our $1K deposit, things moved along smoothly and rapidly.
Construction started in August and we were hopeful that it would be finished by Dec. The TenPlus team surpassed our expectations with a finished build that was ready for tenancy by early November. All the staff and other people TenPlus Australia recommended for finance and build have been wonderful to work with and have made our experience with property investment so stress free and breezy. By the way, the handover day for our first property was also the settlement day for our second property with TenPlus… The whole Tenplus team are helping us to move forward and achieve our goals – 10 properties here we come! Thank you all so much
L & O Melbourne
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