Property Investment Education


Property Investment Education

Are You Asking the Right Questions?

  • What is responsible investing and what does it mean?
  • Do you need much money behind you to start investing?
  • What type of property maximises growth?
  • Where, when and what should you invest in?
  • What are the three most important market drivers?
  • What are the numbers and how can you grow and structure your portfolio at an achievable rate?
  • Negative versus positive gearing – which is right for you?
  • Why land content over units?
  • How can you get your properties to the point where they are debt free?

Make Informed Decisions with Ongoing Property Investment Education

Being organised and having appropriate property investment strategies in place can aid in minimising your liabilities and maximising your wealth. Our property investment advisors are committed towards education, and will provide astute advice and regular reviews. TenPlus will work with you to harness our premium tools and make quality acquisitions alongside pertinent re-search, and industry understanding.

We will work with you to plan long or short term strategies that will greatly benefit your finances. Our property investment strategies will assist you in responding to growth, performance and risk management in a proactive and forward thinking manner.

Use Tax Benefits of Investment Property to Your Gain

Creating wealth is not just about what you make, but about how much you keep. Smart and savvy TenPlus members are taking advantage of the Government taxation incentives to set themselves up for a wealthy future.

Let our experienced team help you make the most of your finances by showing you where and how to buy investment properties so as to build a property portfolio. Maximise your wealth and set the foundations to your future with a keen understanding of the tax benefits available to you. Contact us now for a tax gearing example and see how properties can be incorporated into your portfolio. Begin your property investment education today!

Innovative Property Investment Strategies

Did you know that you can use your self-managed superannuation fund to buy assets? SMSF property investment is a great way to save for your retirement. Become a member today and speak with one of our advisors about strategies which best suit your finances.

Plan for the future with our comprehensive property investment strategies.