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Expert Team, Research, and Financial Analysis

Negotiating the market can be a stressful and complex procedure, and it is hard to know if you’re making the right moves. TenPlus Australia can streamline this process with multiple hot spot choices from across Australia.

Our ongoing commitment to you includes access to premium tools, property investment education, and astute advice with regular reviews from our experienced team, and innovative solutions geared towards your financial goals.

We’ll Advise You On Where and How to Buy Investment Properties

At TenPlus Australia we mainly focus on mid-range properties. Our range of properties are strategically researched with a focus on owner occupied desirable areas which gives us the greatest potential for consistent growth.

Your portfolio manager will work with you to diversify your portfolio with lucrative and premium opportunities from across Australia. Work with our experienced financial analysts to build a strong foundation for your portfolio.

SMSF Property Investment and Other Strategies

Our property investment advisors will show you ways to implement strategies so as to maximise tax benefits.

Did you know that you can invest in house and land packages under a self-managed superannuation fund? Speak to one of our property investment advisors to find out more about SMSF and other property investment strategies which you can use while setting up your property portfolio.

There are several taxation benefits that you become eligible for when you invest. Our property investment advisors will take you through all of them, and ensure that you are able to make educated decisions on where and how to buy an investment property.

Begin your education today and start learning about investing in property! Build a portfolio that will set the foundation for your future financial success. Take the first step and become a member today!

Plan for the future with our comprehensive property investment strategies.