Tax benefits

Tax Benefits of Investment Property

Are you aware that you could be paying anywhere between $5,000 to $15,000 of unnecessary taxes per annum? Harness the huge incentives and taxation benefits available to you by having a professional run through figures. At TenPlus Australia we can are committed to providing clarity as to how your acquisitions can become positively geared.

Did you know that building depreciation, annual short falls, content depreciation, management costs, establishment costs – and even a $1600 per annum inspection allowance is tax deductible? Did you also know that SMSF property investment is a great way to maximise your savings for retirement? Many of our members are surprised to find that an investment property can reduce their weekly tax bill generating a cash flow back into their own pockets.

Our property investment advisors will help minimise your tax liabilities, ensuring that you don’t pay more tax than you have to. Speak to one of our advisors about how you can implement our innovative solutions and reap the tax benefits of your investment property.

Property Investment Education – Real “Wealth” is Measured by Your Holdings

At TenPlus Australia we are geared towards property investment education and endeavour to equip you with the analytic tools required to make educated decisions as to how and where to buy investment properties. Furthermore we are committed to helping each of our clients implement property investment strategies that will further enhance your tax benefits.

Being organised and having appropriate property investment strategies in place can mean huge savings and tax benefits. Work with our property investment advisors to create a plan for your future that remains relevant to your present changing needs and circumstances.

Start making educated decisions as to how you build your property portfolio. Become a TenPlus Australia member today!

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