Where to buy a property


How to Build a Property Portfolio

Building a portfolio is a serious and daunting undertaking. It requires strategic acquisitions and can have dire consequences if the wrong acquisition is made. With a cycle spanning 18 years, an incorrectly purchased asset can lead to financial drain and extensive stress.

Want to Know Where to Buy Investment Properties? – Speak to Our Experts

Our property investment advisors will show you how and where to buy investment properties so as to build a strong property portfolio. TenPlus Australia offers members a sound strategy of researched investment choices from across Australia. We guide our clients towards highly performing assets which are close to amenities, public transport and new infrastructure.

Target growth and build a diversified portfolio under the guidance of our experienced finance experts.

Our property investment advisors are well versed in what drives the Australian market and can answer all your queries as to where to buy investment properties, how long it takes to sell a property, how long properties take to rent, what type of growth the area has shown lately, the type of area and demographic it attracts and so much more.

Gain Access to Premium Investment Opportunities with Our Property Investment Advisors

TenPlus Australia gives you a choice of properties from across the country, both in main cities and rural areas. Our range of properties are upmarket, with a good mix of owner occupied areas and generational builders thereby ensuring quality. This ensures continued and sustained growth in the value of your acquisition. Our ongoing commitment to you includes access to a property portal, regular reviews, and portfolio monitoring.
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